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NOTE: I may have other components in stock than what is shown on eBay. Please contact me for your needs.

NOTE: I DO NOT make parts for firearms. Please do not ask. 

This website should become easier to use and buy parts from in the future, but for now purchase is via email or ebay. Thank you.

The Original Bull Shot Aluminum Breech - 3.6", 4.25" or 5" - Left or Right hand bolt slot.

  • 3.6" with site flat                                  $45.00 
  • 4.25" with dovetail                               $50.00
  • 5.0" with dovetail                                 $55.00
  • Every Breech Above is now supplied with an Aluminum End Plug, SS Bolt & Handle

Breech & Rear Plug ONLY below

  • 3.6" with site flat                                 $35.00 
  • 4.25" with dovetail                               $40.00
  • 5.0" with dovetail                                 $45.00

I made the "Original Bull Shot" 3.6" breech as a direct replacement for the cheap plastic breech that comes on the 13xx and 22xx line of pistols. I actually had been wanting to do it for a long long time before I actually did!  The original Bull Shot is 3.6" long and only had the site flat. Still my favorite, but I was asked by many to add dovetails...... so I did. I still have the very first Bull Shot made and I had noticed that there needed to be a little more length to the dovetail in front of the loading port, so the 4.25" Bull Shot evolved. The original 3.6" replacement is still available! Currently the 5" breech is the longest that I make.

None of these breeches are engraved the Bull Shot test. The End Plugs come plain as well. They are not engraved with the Bull Shot logo. I hope to have the capacity to do that in the future.

NOTE: Add $10.00 to the price of any Breech if it has been anodized anodized. Prices shown are for bare Aluminum.

Barrel Band Stands for the 22xx line

The original "Arky-Pod" as it was dubbed by a long time airgunner!

All come with 8-32 set screws and rubber capped aluminum or stainless steel legs (std. length = 4.25")
Also available are longer legs cut to you spec length, up to 12" (+/-) 1/32" for $1. per inch. Note: the longer the length, the less rigidity you will have.
These fit a standard sized Crosman barrel (7/16") and 22xx Tube (7/8")

Brushed Aluminum Band with Aluminum Legs            $35.00

Brushed Aluminum Band with Stainless Steel Legs      $40.00

*Anodized: add $10.00

Barrel Quick Stands

Made on the same mindset as the Arky-pod. This ring with removable legs will fit the Crosman 7/16" barrels. Custom barrel size Quick-stands can be made to order. Named after a longtime friend and airgunner who had passed recently, Carl Quick. The Quick-Stand allows for quick mounting and display of your pistol/rifle or carbine. Simply slide the ring onto the barrel where you want it, tighten down the set screw on top and your done. Now you don't have to rest your shooter on its side. Pics on the way.

Aluminum Body with Aluminum Legs   $25.00

Stainless Steel Body with SS Legs         $30.00

There is a V2 Arky-pod on the way. The V2 will be radiused to look like a stock barrel band, with a little extra on the bottom to hold the legs. Also a 13xx version is in the works!

Power Adjusters  


  • Stainless Steel with Spring Guide       $30.00
  • Brass with Spring Guide                    $35.00
  • Aluminum with Spring Guide              $25.00


  • Stainless Steel with Spring Guide         $30.00
  • Aluminum with Spring Guide                $25.00
  • Brass with Spring Guide                       $35.00

**Add $10.00 for Anodized PA's

Strikers - Stainless Steel - 13xx or 22xx 

  • 1701P                                                                $25.00
  • 1701P with cutout                                           $30.00
  • Standard (stock)                                              $25.00
  • Standard with Cutout (screw clearance)    $30.00
  • Add $5. for flutes
  • Add $5. for Pin

Bolt Probes & Handles (.177 or .22) 

SS Extended Straight Probe with Handle           $25.00

probe only: $15.00    Handle only: $10.00

SS Hollow Tip (.22 only)                                       $25.00 (must specify Right or Left Hand Bolt Slot)

Trigger Shoes

For Standard Crosman Triggers or 1701p Triggers:        

Aluminum:    $25.

Brass:            $30

Add $5.00 for anodized Shoes


22xx Rear

SS Stock            $15.00

Brass Stock       $20.00

13xx Rear

SS Stock                      $15.00

Brass Stock                $20.00


$15.00 to $50.00

Prices vary upon length, material, # of ports/slots, etc..

**Add $5.00 for Site Pin  **Add $10.00 for Anodized Breaks

1701p Spring Tensioner

A recent addition to the Airgun Shop. There was a request from a fellow air-gunner to remove the last bit of plastic from his 22xx style shooter. This replacement part is made from T6061 aluminum and uses the existing springs and screws from the stock set up. I made a few extra. Truth is that the stock Crosman tensioner works great and can not be seen, but if you need to have all that plastic GONE, then this part may be for you. I kept the price down and will more than likely not make these again for some time as that are more work than profit.

Order from the website for a discount price from the eBay site. Sorry, but I have to charge a little more on eBay to cover the fees.

  • in Brushed Aluminum                $20.00
  • in Anodized Aluminum              $25.00

NOTE: You must have a 1701p trigger frame in order for this to be of any use to you. If you have not done this mod to your 2240/1377 shooter yet, then you are really missing out on a fantastic upgrade. This trigger frame is an awesome upgrade over the standard frame and trigger assembly. Also, to use the aluminum tensioner, you will need to disassemble you plastic 1701p tensioner and use the (2) springs and (2) screws to be re-assembled into the alumuinum replacement.

Crosman 1399 Customized Stocks with an Adjustable Cheek Riser

Finally a 1399 stock with a fully adjustable cheek riser. The pictures speak 1000 words. Find the comfortable position suited to your own personal tastes. 

1399 Stock with 3/4" Riser:    $40. plus $8. shipping

Do it yourself Riser Only:       $25. plus $4.00 Shipping   Note: You will need to be able to drill (2) 1/4" vertical holes in the stock & cross drill (2) 8-32 holes and tap to follow what I have done. I also mill a 1/8" deep flat to start. This allows for the drill to start and stay straight and give a better appearance.


All prices plus $5.00 within the Continental United States. If you live elsewhere, please contact me and we can figure out what it will cost to ship to you. It may or may not be worth it to you. Free Shipping on all orders over $75.00  

NOTE:  Shipping price for stocks will be $8.00 in the conUS

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